SR 316 Gas filter K1

Half mask
Full face mask
Filter for protection against gases and fumes with optimized adsorption.
Gas filter SR 316, Class 1 are designed for use with Sundström half masks and full face masks. The filter are of type K and provide protection against ammonia and certain amines, such as ethylene diamine. The gas filter can easily be combined with particle filter SR 510 P3 R in order to obtain protection also against aerosols (particles), e.g. during high-pressure washing.
More Information H02-4212
Model description SR 316 Gas filter K1
Material ABS, Impregnated activated carbon, Polyester
Color Black
Shelf life (years) 5
Country of manufacture Sweden
Height (mm) 28
Diameter (mm) 106
Operating temp. -10 – +55 °C, < 90 % RH
Storage temp. -20 – +40 °C, < 90 % RH
Approval EN 14387:2004 + A1:2008
Directive 1 (EU) 2016/425 PPE

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