SR 358 Compressed air hose 5m

Compressed air
Approved compressed air supply tubes with safety couplings for connection to compressed air filter unit and compressed airline breathing apparatus
Plastic hose, made of polyester reinforced PVC. Oil and chemicals resistent.Sundström compressed air hoses are tested and approved together with the following products, and are intended for use together with Sundström SR 99-1 compressed air filter. They are also the only hoses that are approved for use. SR 200 Airline compressed air-fed mask SR 90 Airline compressed air-fed mask SR 307 compressed air attachment SR 507 compressed air attachment SR 63 compressed air-fed hood
More Information H03-3005
Model description SR 358 Compressed air hose 5m
Material Polyester, PVC
Color Green
Shelf life (years) 5
Country of manufacture Sweden
Length (m) 5
Diameter (mm) 15
Operating temp. -10 – +55 °C, < 90 % RH
Storage temp. -20 – +40 °C, < 90 % RH
Working pressure (bar) 4-7
Approval EN 14594:2005